A quick note on rainwater harvesting

A rainwater harvesting system is responsible for catching up the water flow from your roof – rainwater that would usually just flow off down the drain.

It is important to make use of a an accredited installer to ensure you have the best system for harvesting quality water.

The system entails a water tank being fitted to the down-pipe of your roof. This means that, when it rains, your connected gutters will ‘divert’ the rainwater into your tank.

A quality RainWater Harvesting System to the tanks usually have the following components installed:

1. Leaf Catcher, removing all leaves and debris from the water.
2. First Flush System which removes dust and micro particles from the water.
3. A Tank Screen which will further remove any remaining dirt.
4. A solid concrete base to support the weight of the Tank and Water.

These 3 pre filter components are recommended and are essential in preventing unwanted debris from flowing, along with the water, into your tank.

It is also recommended that a Auto Flush Overflow System be installed to drain and stagnant water or debris that may be in the bottom of your tank.

After this you should have good quality water for general use in your home.

Rainwater harvesting systems can get quite complex as well. While some tanks are fitted with just a tap (for an easy hose connection) others can be fitted with a pump to help with water pressure.

Other, more complex systems are also available entailing a water filtration system that makes the rainwater adequate for human consumption.

The most important items are mosquito / insect screens on the inlet and outlet pipes of your tank system, don’t compromise your water.

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