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Water Awareness

SA is currently facing a water crisis which is likely to become worse in the near future with strict water restrictions being imposed throughout the country. The Water Crisis is due to a number of reasons such as: The lack of rain in our catchment areas to fill our dams mainly due to the El […]


There are approximately 168,000 swimming pools situated throughout South Africa. A typical residential swimming pool can hold anything between 20,000 to 80,000L of water. Wind, Sun and Humidity all contribute to Evaporation of your Pool Water. In a semi-arid country like S.A. the average evaporation rate during summer is between 6 – 8mm daily. For […]

Benefits of Using RainWater

1. Rainwater is good for you, it is extremely soft and only contains about 5 mg/l of dissolved solids compared to municipal water that contains about 400mg/l. 2. Rainwater does not contain any chlorine or sanitizing agent. All our systems use a process of Ultraviolet sterilization. 3. By having a rainwater capturing and storing system […]