How does the Municipality charge you for water ?

Most municipalities have a two tier billing system for water.
Municipalities use the term kl (kiloliter where 1kl = 1000 liters)
As a user you are billed for the water that you consume or use and then you are billed for the water that you discharge into the sewer system after it has been used. Most municipalities work on the assumption that 75% of the water used by a household is discharged into the sewer system.
Water is billed on a sliding scale. Thus the more you use the higher the rate per kiloliter you will pay.
In Durban the following applies for 2016/17
For consumption up to 9 Kl you pay R16 per Kiloliter
If you use between 9 and 25 Kl you will pay R18.97 per kiloliter for usage above 9kl
If you use between 25 and 30 Kl you will pay R25.26 per kiloliter for usage above 25kl
If you use between 30 and 40 Kl you will pay R38.97 per Kiloliter for usage above 30Kl
If you use more that 45 kl you will pay R42.86 per kiloliter
Sewerage discharge is calculate din the same way.

Install a RainWater Harvesting System and Reduce your Water Bill.