Water Awareness

SA is currently facing a water crisis which is likely to become worse in the near future with strict water restrictions being imposed throughout the country.

The Water Crisis is due to a number of reasons such as:
The lack of rain in our catchment areas to fill our dams mainly due to the El Nino effect.
The increase in water contamination in the rural, industrial and mining areas.
Waste pollution in our rivers and dams due to lack of infrastructure in the rural areas.
The lack of maintenance and system failure of our current water supply structure.
Increase in water consumption due to population growth …… just to mention a few.

The more water harvesting that takes place, the less supply is needed from our dams, and in turn we will have a more sustainable water supply in our dams and rivers.

The importance of rainwater harvesting is to alleviate the pressure on municipal water supply and become independent from municipal water, if you install a rainwater harvesting system.

The benefits of rainwater harvesting, is to have quality water for general use and drinking, and of course to reduce your water bill and save money.

A RainWater Harvesting System will allow a significant monthly saving on your water bill, and generally pays for itself within the first year, thereafter it is saving on your water bill every month.

Contact RainWater Harvester if you are interested in installing a system.