RainWater Harvesting – Your Own Sustainable Water Supply.

We believe it makes sense to catch pure, fresh,
Free rainwater from the sky and have a complete system of products for rainwater collection.

Used in conjunction with rainwater tanks, the products are relatively maintenance free, simple in their operation and help ensure rainwater harvesting systems deliver superior results.

Rainwater Harvesting involves the collection, storage and distribution of rainwater from the roof, for use inside and outside the home or business, and is the most efficient water supply solution for our communities’ water problems.

1 Start saving water now! Rainwater Harvesting reduces water usage in every household. Run-off from the roof to the tank is immediate and efficient, whereas run-off in vegetated dam catchments requires significant rainfall to impact on dam levels. You can take control and make a difference today!

2 Safe, sustainable water. Rainwater is naturally pure and fresh. It is not recycled water. Provided certain precautions are taken, research supports rainwater as a safe, sustainable source of water
that can meet all of a household’s requirements.

3 Significant cost savings – for the community and each household. Widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting reduces our need for expensive water supply infrastructure and our
dependence on dams and other water treatment and supply facilities.

4 Protect local waterways and reduce storm-water infrastructure costs. By capturing and utilizing rainwater where it falls, rainwater
harvesting reduces both the volume and velocity of storm-water run-off from our urban areas. This helps protect our waterways and
reduces the need for expensive storm-water infrastructure.