Water saving tips for your home:

1. Checking for leaks in taps, pipes and dishwasher hoses is an easy way to reduce water wastage.

2. Remember, one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000L a month.

3. There’s no need to leave the tap running while you brush your teeth. Simply wet your toothbrush before you begin and use a glass of water to rinse your mouth.

4. The most water efficient methods for cooking vegetables are microwaving, steaming or using a pressure cooker. You can also cut down on water loss by using tight lids on pots and simmering instead of boiling rapidly.

5. Installing water efficient taps or tap aerators is a great, inexpensive way to cut your water usage without you even noticing.

6. Put the plug in the sink when washing your hands instead of holding them under running water.

7. Thaw frozen foods before you need them or use the microwave instead of placing them under running water.

8. Prevent taps from leaking by turning taps off lightly and replace washers as soon as they begin to leak.

9. Automatic dishwashers can use up to 40L of water per load. By using a dishwasher with at least a 3 star/AAA rating, you can get this figure down to 18L per load and still get the kind of sparkling clean dishes you’re used to.